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Quotes Fran's excellent raw goat milk has helped me completely kick my half and half habit! The milk is sweet, wholesome, has a long shelf life (if I don't drink it all the day I open it, haha!)...and after briefly switching back to cows milk I realized how much happier my intestines are without the bloating that cows' milk caused me. The farm is immaculate, the goats happy and healthy. This dairy exemplifies all that a small faming operation should be! Quotes
Ellen Hinds
milk drinker

Quotes I am a 49 year old Federal Firefighter who has thought about trying Raw Goat's Milk for many years. As a Firefighter I must constantly train both strength and cardio. I make protein shakes every morning and used HEB skim milk. I thought the "very full" feeling was just a byproduct of mixing yogurt, banana, protein powder, raw eggs and skim milk together. After finding Fran's website I visited Youngs Prairie Dairy. Fran was very nice and gave me a sample of the milk to try first and then a quick tour of her operation. What struck me instantly is the pride Fran has in her operation. She takes great care to ensure the milk she provides is the cleanest, safest and freshest milk possible. The milk is awesome. I feel less full after drinking my protein shake, actually FEEL better and I am completely sold on the benefits of Goat's milk. I have recommended it my entire firefighting crew! Quotes
Jim MacKay - Cedar Park, TX
Excellent Quality!

Quotes This milk is fantastic! So delicious and well worth the short drive from Austin. Frances is great and accommodating, and her caring hard work, and expertise in raising and milking happy goats is clearly represented in this wonderful product, and upon witnessing the dairy. I've had only limited experience with goat's milk in the past from grocery stores, and had no idea how sweet and delicious it could be until I tried Youngs Prairie. There is NO comparison!! I highly, highly recommend it. The goat milk soap she has is very nice, too! What a treasure to the central Texas community. Thanks Frances!! Quotes
Beverly Barrington