Sharp Goat Ranch

Home of: Youngs Prairie Dairy & SharpAcres Dairy Goats

                      Youngs Prairie Dairy   1/21/2018

Is open for business: Grade A Raw for Retail Goat Milk for sale. 

Near Elgin TX 25 miles east of Austin.

$8.00 for 1/2 gallon in non-reusable FDA inspected container.


Frances Sharp

356 Youngs Prairie Rd

Elgin TX 78621 


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News Flash

We are bottling milk now!
  If you are interested in buying milk. 
  Please call or text for an appointment.
Please pre-order milk to reserve your milk to ensure your milk will be waiting for you at the farm.
Don't forget your ice chest or insulated bag it is important to keep your milk cold to keep it fresh on the way home.